Stags / Bachelor Parties

Whether you call it a Stag, Stag Party, Bachelor Party or simply your Stag Night, Entourage has you covered as this is our signature event!

We have you covered for every part of the stag process including: Custom Printed Numbered Tickets, Joker Poker and Raffle Equipment, Hostesses, Casino Games, Sports Games, Carnival Games, Prizes, and anything else you could possibly need. If a stag is not your thing and you want a fun night out with the guys, we can plan a party bus and entry into Toronto’s hottest nightclubs.

A Gentlemens' Evening

From a basic night out with the guys, to a large-scale fundraising stag, Entourage has been known to be one of the best for the job! From start to finish, we have you covered for every part of the process.

Dozens of Ways to Entertain the Boys!

We've hosted and attended hundreds of stag parties, so we know what people love and we know what's in the past. There are literally dozens of different games and entertainment options, but no matter what you choose, we're sure your guests will have a blast! If you haven't heard of some of these games, feel free to stop into our showroom to test them out yourself!

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Start Paying Off That Wedding NOW!

The average Entourage stag party is known for raising more money than your typical stag. We're always thinking of original and exciting ways to get your friends and family into the donating spirit while having a truly memorable evening. We also pride oursleves on being one of the few companies who does not take a single percentage of any funds you raise!

Our Creativity... Your Money
Stag / Bachelor Party Raffle Tickets

All The Bells And Whistles

We go above and beyond to ensure that your night is stress-free as you leave the event to the professionals (that's us, of course) while you kick back and have some drinks with the boys! We don't share all of our secrets online, but here are just a few of the things we sweeten the deal with:

Custom Stag Tickets

Choose a theme ticket from our stock images, or come up with your own and we will bring it to life!

Prize Ideas (In Stock)

We have dozens of prizes in stock for you to comb through, including: Jerseys, Framed Artwork, Novelty Items, Memorabilia, Autographed Items and more!

Early Setup & Late Tear Down

You can count on us to be there well before the event start time, and up until the lights go out at the end of the night.

Lock Boxes

We even provide lock boxes for you to store all the cash you collect and keep safe until the end of the night.

Live Phone Support

Our phone number goes on every Event Ticket we create, and guests usually take advantage of that by asking us whatever question they have about that night's event.

Event Manager On Site

No matter the size of your event, we always ensure there is at least one "Manager Level" staff member at each of our events to ensure the highest of quality and smoothest results.

Don't Take Our Word For It...

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